Application FAQs

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Program Eligibility & FAQs

The TakeCare Relief Fund is a charitable program administered by an independent, non-profit entity. To be eligible to apply for a TakeCare Relief Fund grant, applicants must be actively-employed associates (or associates on approved leave) at managed Marriott International locations.* Grants are available only upon showing of an unmet financial need directly resulting from an Eligible Event. Applications for short-term evacuation assistance must be submitted within 45 days of the event's occurrence. Applications for long-term recovery assistance must be submitted within 90 days of the event's occurrence.

Currently, Eligible Events are limited to: 
1. Natural disasters such as floods, fires, tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, or severe storms
2. Any event caused by forces beyond your control and resulting in physical damage to your primary residence, whether it be natural or manmade (e.g. fire, ruptured pipes)
3. Death of managed associate or immediate family member

Grant amounts vary based on the nature of the event and related expenses, as well as the extent of the applicant's financial need. For the qualifying events listed above, eligible expenses may include the following and are determined based on the applicant's circumstances at the time of the application.

  • Housing (repairs, mortgage/rent, relocation assistance)
  • Contents (furniture, essential appliances, clothing, and other contents)
  • Basic essential utilities (excludes non-essential utilities like cable TV)
  • Transportation (payments, repairs, replacement)
  • Funeral, burial and related travel expenses
  • Evacuation expenses (hotel/lodging, food, clothing, transportation)
  • Childcare expenses

*The program currently serves associates at Marriott U.S. managed locations. The program is also available in a growing number of non-U.S. managed locations.